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Services: GST, BAS, PAYG
Tired of being financially in the dark?...Up until all hours completing your Business Activity Statement (BAS)?...GST and PAYG
effecting your cash flows?

We know what it is like...and here at Chahine and Associates our professional taxation and accounting services are the answer
your are looking for. In particular we specialise in providing services to:

Small & Medium sized businesses
IT contractors
Tradesmen and Builders
Medical Pofessionals & Practices
Property Investors
SOHO Consultants

We will get your records up to date and help you lodge your Business Activity Statement (BAS) even if it is late...and much
more, including tidying up your creditor and debtor records which will help your cash flow, payroll and PAYG issues or preparing
your bookkeeping for your end of year accounts and tax returns.

Now you can focus on growing your business and serving your customers ...knowing that Chahine and Associates is on your
team providing your small business with the best taxation and accounting services Sydney wide.

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